If you’re looking to restore your nails after removing gel or acrylic, don’t miss out on this article. Le Lotus has some valuable advice on caring for and nourishing your nails.

For beauty enthusiasts, especially women who frequently apply gel or acrylic to their nails, the process can sometimes lead to nail damage. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to care for and restore your nails to prevent long-term effects on both your nails and overall health. Let’s explore some tips for restoring damaged nails after gel or acrylic removal

Why is Nail Care Important after Gel or Acrylic Removal?

Even though gel or acrylic nails can enhance the beauty of your hands, the removal process may damage your natural nails.

Using gel nail removal machines or soaking fingers in acetone solution for a specific period can gradually strip away the keratin layer, making the nails weaker. Hence, it’s essential to learn how to care for and nourish your nails after removing gel or acrylic.

Should take care of your nails after removing gel or acrylic

What is the Nail Cycling Method?

The Nail Cycling method involves allowing your nails to rest between each application of gel or acrylic, preventing maximum damage. Remember not to continuously change your nail color but let your nails rest after each application, giving them time to recover.

Dermatologists recommend an 8-10 week break between gel or acrylic applications, allowing damaged parts to heal. Additionally, you can apply certain measures to care for and nourish your nails for a quicker recovery.


Nail Cycling Method

Steps for Nail Nourishment and Restoration after Gel or Acrylic Removal

 Let Your Nails Rest Naturally:

During the first week of Nail Cycling, let your nails rest naturally without applying any chemicals, including nail polish or nourishing topcoats.

Moisturize Your Nails:

If you feel your nails getting dry during the Nail Cycling period, moisturize them with a nail cream containing shea butter on the skin around the nails. Additionally, apply nourishing oils such as argan oil, coconut oil, or rosehip oil to the nail surface. Massage to allow the nutrients to penetrate the skin and nails deeply.


Moisturize Your Nails

Use a Nail Strengthening Serum:

After the initial resting week, introduce nail strengthening serums or nourishing polishes to aid in the recovery of damaged nails. These products often accelerate the daily restoration of the keratin layer. If your nails are excessively weak or prone to breakage, consider applying a strengthening polish every day to make them more resilient.


Steps for Nail Nourishment and Restoration after Gel or Acrylic Removal

Dietary Habits for Nail Nourishment:

Besides external care, paying attention to your diet with foods rich in nutrients for nails is crucial. Include biotin, iron, zinc, various B vitamins, magnesium, protein, and vitamin C in your diet. 

Fruits, vegetables, salmon, etc., are excellent choices to promote nail health. Biotin, found in avocados, chicken liver, and egg yolks, is particularly beneficial.

Remember, consulting with experts before using supplements is advisable, and excessive intake should be avoided.

These are practical and effective tips for restoring nails after gel or acrylic removal. We hope this article proves helpful for beauty enthusiasts, aiding you in better nail care. If you’re seeking nail salon near me professional nail care for damaged nails, visit Le Lotus. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing attentive customer support, ensuring healthy and less-damaged nails. Come to Le Lotus today for a rejuvenating nail care experience.

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