You usually spend a lot of time taking care of your hair and skin, but why neglect your nails? If they’re an important part of making you look beautiful, then let’s learn some tips from Le Lotus.

Having beautiful and healthy nails actually doesn’t require much time and effort if you know the right tricks. Based on our understanding and experience in nail care, here are 4 simple and time-saving nail care tips to improve the appearance and health of your nails without much effort.

Invest in your nail file

Get yourself a pair of nail clippers and a nail file, and you’ll see how important it is to shape your nails properly. The nail file you buy should have good smoothness, meaning it should work gently on your natural nails.

A good nail file will accompany you in creating a set of nails that are both beautiful and safe. A poor-quality nail file can cause your nails to not shape as desired and may scratch the nail surface.


Never skip the base coat

Using a good base coat before applying color will make the color last longer and make your nails much healthier. You only need a thin layer, and they tend to dry very quickly. By the time you finish the tenth nail, the first one is already dry and ready for color.

Never start painting your nails with vibrant colors without this important step. You’ll never know how magical this base coat is until you experience it yourself during a complete gel nail process at Le Lotus.

Moisturize your nails before bedtime (3 minutes)

Most of us have nightly habits that we can’t go to bed without, like moisturizing our face, applying lip balm, tying our hair, charging our phones, and now let’s add moisturizing our nails and the surrounding skin.

Apply evenly and gently massage your hands for the moisturizer to absorb faster. Maintaining this habit every night, turning it into a routine, will help you take better care of your nails and not affect their health too much, even with styled polish on.


Exfoliate the cuticles

You’re not reading it wrong, that’s right, because nails also need to be exfoliated just like the skin on your face and body. This step is commonly performed in every nail grooming process at Le Lotus. Removing dead cuticles helps soften and brighten the skin around the nails.

Products containing Jojoba oil and vitamin E penetrate deeply into the skin surface, providing deep care underneath the skin, protecting the nails and the skin around the nails. Regular use of cuticle exfoliators will help keep your nails healthy, preventing dry, cracked cuticles.


How to do it:

Step 1: Shape your nails with a nail file according to your preference.

Step 2: Open the exfoliating gel containing beads and apply it onto the nail surface.

Step 3: Spread the gel evenly around the cuticles, the nail surface of all 10 fingers. During this process, the gel will absorb into the skin surface and remove dead cuticles. Then, use a cuticle pusher to gently push the gel as well as the dead cuticles on each nail, along the edges and the surface.

Step 4: Use a dry cloth or wet wipe to clean off the removed dead skin on each finger. Then, use tweezers to remove any remaining dead skin. Finally, wash your hands thoroughly with water and apply hand cream to moisturize.
These are quick and effective nail care methods that Le Lotus – nail salon in Putney wants to share with you. Apply these methods today and share with us how you take care of your nails!

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