Leading stars are always trendsetters and know how to stand out. After recent fashion weeks and red carpet events, several nail ideas inspired by them have been discovered.

From minimalistic to intricate, from glamorous to innovative, nail designs inspired by celebrities offer hundreds of different shades for you to choose from.


If you’re into artistic nails, you’ve probably heard of painting or sticking fashion brand logos on nails, such as Chanel or Dior. This method not only showcases creativity but also elevates your style to a whole new level of chic sophistication.

Metallic Charm

Metallic nail designs in gold and silver on a nude base cater to various preferences. From those seeking a minimalist look to those who love bold and innovative designs, there’s something for everyone.


Metallic metal colors are not only prominent in clothing designs but also spill over into the beauty trend, including nail polish. This is a sophisticated, visually stunning choice that’s both bold and innovative.

Choosing nail polish colors that stand out against your skin tone

Deep red or burgundy hues are among the most popular colors when painting your nails because they complement the skin tone, giving off an elegant and luxurious vibe that suits both long and short nails.


During the summer, vibrant and lively colors come back to life, especially shades of blue and floral patterns. If you’re a fan of color blocking, then you definitely need to have a set of nails in these bold hues.

Romantic and dreamy pastel purple

The pastel purple color is romantic and dreamy, making it a perfect choice to pair with floral dresses, spaghetti strap tops, or youthful mini skirts, exuding sensuality.


Pink- representative of femininity

The iconic color representing femininity is sweet pink. Whether you’re embracing a seductive allure or a playful and mischievous charm, you should definitely try this color at least once.


The gothic style isn’t just dominating the fashion scene

Items inspired by gothic fashion have been ruling the catwalks and street style for the past few months, so it’s no surprise that this aesthetic is influencing nail art as well. Black nail polish symbolizes the mysterious and enchanting vibe of the gothic culture, making it perfect for bold and edgy individuals.


French manicure is one of the most beloved and iconic nail styles worldwide. 

Recently, at a prestigious award ceremony, Gigi Hadid showcased this classic style, sporting long, square-shaped nails with thicker white tips compared to the original French manicure.


Nail designs inspired by celebrities and fashionistas like the ones mentioned above offer a wide range of choices for your nail art creativity. Not only are they easy to coordinate with outfits, but these nail designs are also simple to achieve. You can visit Le Lotus – what are the best nail salons near me, one of the best nail salons in London, to experience the latest trends in nail art. With its comfortable and luxurious atmosphere, Le Lotus is the perfect relaxation destination for all the ladies. Come and visit Le Lotus today!

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