Choosing the right nail shape is the best way to make your fingers look more slender and beautiful. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all nail shape, and Le Lotus has some guidelines to help you choose the best nail shape for your hands. From basic round nails to edgy pointed ones, changing the shape of your nails can transform the overall “mood” of your nail set. Take note of the nail shape knowledge below and follow the advice to get the most suitable nail set for you.

Round Nails

Reflects the contour of the nail with a rounded edge at the tip. Your nail tip resembles the curve of a perfect circle. Ideal for anyone who wants elongated fingers. Round nails make your fingers look neater and the wider nails appear smaller. This shape is suitable for most colors and types of nail polish.


Oval Nails

A natural shape gently filed on both sides to elongate the nail, creating the illusion of longer fingers. Oval-shaped nails are very feminine and perfect for experimenting with trendy colors. This shape complements metallic and red nail polish shades.


Square Nails

A distinctive shape with a flat 90-degree filed surface. Square-shaped nails are known to add width to your nails. If you have narrow nails and slender fingers, this is the perfect shape to style. Square nails are considered modern and attract a younger audience. Dark, beautiful nail colors enhance the fashion appeal of this shape. Geometric nail art is also highly appreciated when paired with this shape.


Squoval Nails

A variation of square nails, squoval nails square off the edges and round them slightly. It’s a beautiful shape that looks suitable for both short and long fingers. Dark shades are recommended for this nail shape.


Coffin/Ballerina Nails

Mimicking the shape of a ballet dancer’s pointed shoe, this shape tapers towards the edges with a straight edge at the tip. It’s a favorite among nail art enthusiasts and fashionistas. Coffin-shaped nails are elegant and powerful, suggesting a mix of sophistication and strength. A consistent color with a muted background is recommended.


Almond Nails

A long nail shape with pointed tips. Considered the most beautiful shape in the fashion world, almond-shaped nails are sexy, attractive, and powerful. Nude colors complement this shape well.


Stiletto Nails

Long, pointed, and unique. Requires gel or acrylic to reinforce the nails. Ideal for those with a bold fashion style. Stiletto nails are for those who want an impressive and attention-grabbing nail set. Perfect for pairing with sparkling gemstones.


Hope this article helps you find the nail shape that suits your hands. If you’re looking for a reputable nail salon in London or wondering where is the best nail salon near me, visit Le Lotus. Known for high-quality nail care services, including hand care, nail and toenail services, body waxing, and more. You will receive advice on the latest colors, shapes, and trends in the beauty industry. The experts here are dedicated and meticulous in their work, aiming to give you a beautiful and durable nail set. If you have any questions, visit Le Lotus for immediate assistance.

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