The secret to healthy nails is not difficult to achieve. With just a few small changes each day, you can have the “treasure” of caring for your nails to be healthy and beautiful as you wish. Follow the article below from Le Lotus to start this positive change, helping your nails stay healthy over time, whether you paint or decorate them, you can minimize any negative effects.

Your nails and your health

Nails are composed of multiple layers of tough protein called keratin. Your nails are one of the important indicators “revealing” the overall health status.

Healthy nails should be smooth and firm, without dents or ridges, and have a lovely pink color. If your nails grow slower than average and you want them to grow faster, you need some appropriate home care methods and techniques. Want to know what they are? Follow the article below from Le Lotus – nail salon in Putney!

Tips to help your nails grow faster

There is no scientific method proven to make nails grow faster. However, taking good care of your body through a balanced diet and applying the following tips to strengthen your nails can help them grow stronger and longer over time.

Supplement with biotin

Biotin is an important B vitamin that allows the body to convert food into energy. It is also recommended as an essential nutrient to help strengthen the health of hair and nails.

Some studies suggest that daily biotin supplementation can help improve nail strength. Some scientists suggest that a dosage of 2.5 mg of biotin per day can improve nail strength in just a few weeks. In addition, biotin can be found naturally in:

  • Brewer’s yeast
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Mackerel
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Various grains
  • Soybeans and other legumes
  • White cabbage
  • Bananas
  • Mushrooms

Using nail hardeners

To prevent nails from breaking, experts often recommend using nail hardeners. These are coatings on the nails similar to nail polish and are then removed with regular nail polish remover.

This is very useful in strengthening the health of the nails and preventing nail breakage in the short term. However, experts say that using nail hardeners for a long time can sometimes make your nails weaker and more prone to breakage. Therefore, don’t forget to pay attention to the manufacturer’s important notes before using them.

Limit exposure to nail glue and other harmful polish

Many studies have shown that frequent use of nail glue-on nails can weaken the natural nails and make them more prone to breakage. A better option is to paint your nails with nail polishes that contain fewer or no harmful chemicals, such as toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

Some nail polish brands worth investing in and proven not to affect the health of users include nail polishes from brands like CND, OPI – products that are used in nail care services at Le Lotus.


Regular nail hygiene and use of nourishing products

Regular nail hygiene can also help enhance the strength and health of your nails, promoting growth and reducing breakage. Some ways to keep your nails well-maintained include:

  • Keep your nails dry and clean to prevent bacteria from growing underneath the nail surface.
  • Trim your nails regularly with clean nail clippers.
  • Moisturize your skin and nails with specialized hand cream and cuticle oil.
  • Avoid biting or cutting your nails too short.

What can make nails unhealthy?

Poor health can cause nails to develop abnormally. Signs include:

  • Changes in color
  • Changes in thickness or shape
  • Separation of the nail from the nail bed
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling or pain around the nails
  • Slow nail growth

Nail growth slows with age, but it can also be a sign of illness or nutritional deficiency. It can even be caused by certain medications you’re taking.

Hormones also play a role in promoting nail growth. Younger people generally have faster nail growth than older adults, and men and pregnant women tend to have faster nail growth than others.

In healthy adults, the average nail growth rate is about 3.5 mm per month.


Nails reflect your overall health. It’s important to follow a healthy diet if you want strong, fast-growing, and healthy nails. Adjust your diet to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, rich sources of protein, adequate carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

However, sometimes nails need a little extra help to become even healthier. Remember that you can’t make your nails grow faster magically. But if you take care of them, they will grow stronger and minimize dryness and breakage.

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