Similar to the diversity in astrology, each nail design represents the personality and trends of the 12 zodiac signs. Characteristics such as Libra opting for a gentle style with a touch of playfulness, while Scorpio tends to choose mysterious and unconventional nail designs. Let’s listen to the signals from the universe with Le Lotus to discover which nail designs are perfect for each zodiac sign!



Carrying the characteristics of leadership, boldness, and pioneering in all areas, women of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius always lead beauty trends the fastest. Zodiac signs with the fire element will find themselves in creative nail designs, warm and vibrant color tones, and carefree, youthful patterns.

Aries: Flame Nail Patterns

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is adventurous, strong, and full of personality. Aries ladies are always ready to explore new things and lead the trends. Moreover, Aries is also the ruler of Mars – the planet of powerful transformations. Therefore, flame nail patterns are something Aries ladies should seek for, symbolizing the burning fire and their adventurous spirit.

Leo: Heart-shaped Nails

Known as the sign ruling the Sun – the planet that brings life to all living things, Leo ladies always have a passionate attitude, inspiring others, similar to the sunlight shining on everything. Hence, heart-shaped patterns with warm colors are the best choice to express the central attention-grabbing nature of Leo.


Sagittarius: Summer Flowers

Sagittarius ladies always bring abundant energy and passion, with rich experiences accumulated, deeply connected to the natural aspects of human life. No one is more suitable for them than light floral patterns on a clear base, bringing both the passionate energy of the fire element and the intellectual beauty of this zodiac sign.



Ladies of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra zodiac signs always carry the energy of intellect, chaos, and difficulty to grasp. Therefore, when choosing nail designs, these ladies often do not follow a specific framework, but always explore rebellious trends with eye-catching graphic styles and a range of cool to warm colors.

Aquarius: Graphic Patterns

Famous Hollywood stars belonging to the Aquarius sign include Emma Roberts, Shakira, Jennifer Aniston, etc. They always bring the most elegant, “unique-strange-weird” charm, being the center of attention thanks to their flexible communication and humor. Due to the “hard-to-grasp” nature of the Air element, Aquarius ladies always want to bring unique trends and styles to themselves. When it comes to “love” nail designs for Aquarius, it cannot be ignored that graphic patterns with various color tones are the perfect choice. A spontaneous overall look but still brings absolute harmony.


Gemini: Rainbow Mani

The symbol of Gemini is the image of the twin siblings, so the style that Gemini ladies pursue is always associated with multi-color, multi-form trends. Rainbow Mani will be the perfect nail design for Gemini ladies with its outstanding and flexible color palette. In addition, the dominant number bringing luck to Gemini is the number 7, which also symbolizes the number of colors in the rainbow.


Libra: Dainty Butterflies

In Greek mythology, the Libra constellation rules the planet Venus – the goddess of beauty. No wonder many beautiful Hollywood stars belong to this zodiac (Dakota Johnson, Bella Hadid, Doja Cat, etc.). With an inclination towards an elegant, gentle yet extremely attractive style, the choice of small and delicate butterfly wing nail patterns is an excellent option that Libra should not miss.



Considered the most artistically inclined zodiac, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio ladies always choose nail styles that accentuate the beauty of nature, such as flowers, moons with a mix of realism and illusion, yet still bring mysterious attraction to others.

Pisces: Gentle Daisy

Pisces is known as the most innocent, romantic, and artistic sign among the 12 zodiac signs. The gentle daisy nail design not only brings the unique artistic characteristics of Pisces but also exudes an elegant appearance for their hands.


Cancer: Mismatched Moons

In astrology, Cancer carries the characteristics of a gentle and kind mother, as it rules the Moon – a place where all pain and love are cradled, a refuge for emotions inside a person. Cancer ladies are always sentimental, which is why their nail trends are simple but captivating. With the Mismatched Moons nail design, Cancer ladies can express their personality and match the dominant atmosphere of this summer.


Scorpio: Mysterious Black Nails

Astrologers often liken Scorpio to the “oldest souls,” carrying many emotional thoughts and personal experiences on their life journey. In Scorpio ladies, they always exude a mysterious, mystical vibe with the characteristic black and white color palette. Therefore, mysterious black nail designs are always the top priority for Scorpio ladies.



Nature has favored Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo ladies with an inclination for orderliness in communication style and personal beauty trends. Admiring the minimalist style, using 1-2 dominant color tones for the nails is what these three Earth element ladies pursue.

Capricorn: Dainty Floral Nails

Being the zodiac sign with the most ambition, materialism, dreams, and fame, Capricorn always exudes a neat, powerful yet sophisticated attitude. The nail trend of Capricorn is also encapsulated in a minimalist style, using 1-2 light nude tones with delicate floral patterns. The Dainty Florals nail design is the perfect style for Capricorn ladies who worship minimalism

Taurus: Bright Blooms

Taurus, ruling the 2nd House – the house of finance and money, always brings an aura of wealth and luxury. The Bright Blooms nail trend with classic gold floral patterns and a clear base color will be something ambitious Taurus ladies should pursue.


Virgo: Elegant Red Velvet

When mentioning the image of a powerful, elegant, and sophisticated woman, all attention is immediately directed to Virgo – the zodiac sign with the most pristine beauty among the 12 constellations. The nail trend that Virgo ladies should not miss is the classic and elegant style of red velvet.


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