Summer is just around the corner with bright and sunny days in full tow, We’re ready to fully commit to beauty that suits the season. Inspiration can be found everywhere: Look no farther than the glistening blue of the pool, the lime green beach chair, the bright yellow sunnies, and the bronzed rays of golden hour for a summer mood board. Here are the top nail colors for the summer, according to experts:

1.      POP OF CORAL

As the weather heats up, flaming hues are in style. “People are looking for warm undertones and happy, uplifting colors to wear on the beach and in the sun,” observes Amy Lin, the creator of sundays, a nail care company with a health focus. Try dipping your toes into the coral family for a fun twist on traditional cherry tips; according to Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of clean salon tenoverten, these warm hues “lend themselves beautifully for both hands and feet.”


Soft, pastel pink is always a manicure staple, but don’t be afraid to go bright and bold with the pinky hue.


Put on your shades and watch the reflection of the sun shine through this refreshing blue hue! You can choose a little shimmer to give your nails even more of a summery edge, and they will catch the light exactly like the sun does when it shines on the water.


A neutral nail is always on-trend, no matter the season. Imagine a sheer, “bare nails but better” tint that would highlight your healthy nails while concealing any noticable ridges or divots.


“You can also never go wrong with a pop of red,” says Abramcyk. Choose a color that appeals to you, whether it be a blue-based red, a hot crimson, or a traditional cherry, and embrace the pop of color.




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