Have you planned your skincare routine for the new year? Have you thought about the perfect makeup and hairstyle for the beginning of the year? It’s time to spend a little time on those lovely fingers. Soft, smooth hands adorned with beautiful nail designs will bring good luck for the new year.

Don’t hesitate any longer, let’s adorn your fingertips with the hottest nail trends for Tet 2024 at Le Lotus!


A gradient of similar colors gives a sense of sophistication and elegance to your hands. This nail style doesn’t require super painting techniques, but it does need an artist with a good eye. Be careful when choosing adjacent colors. Avoid using colors that are too contrasting. 


Cheerful colors bring luck for the new year

Opt for bright and eye-catching colors for a fresh and joyful look on your nails at the beginning of the year. Beautiful nail designs with bright red, pink, or strawberry pink shades will surely bring luck and joy for the new year.

This nail style is not only easy to recreate but also incredibly adorable.


Many people still believe in buying gold on the first day of the year to bring financial abundance in the new year. You can use this idea to decorate a beautiful nail design for yourself. Adorn simple yellow patterns on your nails as if praying for a financially prosperous year. 

Let’s check out some nail designs in this style:


 This style is both luxurious and symbolizes good luck for the new year.


Decorating with golden metallic details adds a standout touch to your nails for the New year holiday.


If you’re a fan of gemstone-adorned nail designs, you’ll be pleased with this category. Everything will be even more spectacular if you choose to highlight the festive season with shimmering lip and eye makeup. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to stand out, so don’t hesitate to experiment with new styles.

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