We all want to have beautiful, thick and strong nails but sometimes they are just not strong as our expectation. Let’s us give a hand to help you strengthen them!

1.      Minimize water explosure/ Use rubber gloves when doing household chores.

Too much water exposure to your nails makes them brittle and weak. You need to put in place measures that reduce the contact time between water and your nails when washing and bathing. Moreover, cleaning products contain chemicals that can irritate skin, but they can also weaken your nails. So, we recommend wearing rubber gloves when using house cleaners. One of the biggest culprits is washing dishes as it happens frequently, requires your hands to be constantly soaked with hot water, and lathers dish soap all over your hands, it also rids your hands and nails of natural oils that keep it moisturized. So, remember to minimize water/ chemical explosure by wearing gloves if neccessary.


2.      Drink water

Make sure you drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. It is not only important for maintaining your health, but also supports the strength of your nails. Brittle nails that peel and break easily are a result of the body not having enough moisture. Getting enough water helps keep your nails strong and hydrated.

3.      Consider a healthy diet

One of the most important methods to strengthen your nails is to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet for you should includes minerals and multivitamins. Antioxidants, which are found in foods like blueberries, can protect the body’s cells from harm. While almonds rich in magnesium assist to smooth out the vertical ridges on your nails, leafy greens include the iron necessary for nail strength. Dairy products’ calcium promotes their growth. Other essential foods for the best nail health include vitamin D, fish oil, coconut oil, and coconut oil.

4.      Taking biotin as a supplement

The B7 vitamin biotin aids in the metabolism of the amino acids needed to form proteins, which are crucial for the development of healthy cells and nails. Without going into too much scientific detail, it’s critical to regularly replenish B7 vitamins because the body cannot store them due to . Egg yolks, legumes, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, dairy, avocado, and broccoli are a few examples of foods high in biotin.

5.      Give your nail break

Even while polish makes our nails look great, we occasionally need to remove it to give our nails a chance to breathe. Even harmless polishes used frequently might weaken your nails. Use an acetone-free polish remover to take it off after it has been on for a while, then let them be polish-free for a few days. This is crucial for the strength and general well-being of your nails.


No one is comfortable with brittle or weak nails. Keep yours always strong by seriously taking into consideration the above tips!





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