The following nail care habits are basic mistakes that not everyone is aware of.

Skipping the Base Coat

Many people overlook the importance of applying a base coat when painting their nails, thinking it’s unnecessary. However, skipping this step can lead to yellowing, brittleness, and easy breakage of the nails. The primary function of a base coat is to protect the nails, preventing the colored nail polish from adhering directly to the nail. Additionally, natural nails contain a certain amount of oil that can cause the polish to chip quickly. A base coat creates a strong adhesive bond, helping the nail polish color last longer.

Cutting Cuticles


Cutting the cuticles around the nails damages the skin, increasing the risk of infection. Moreover, the skin around the nails becomes scratched and aesthetically unappealing. If you must trim excess cuticles, do it after a bath when the skin is soft and clean.

Neglecting Tool Hygiene

After each use of nail care tools, it’s essential to clean them with soap and warm water to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dirt. Additionally, store them in a cool, ventilated place instead of sealing them in a bag, as this only encourages bacterial growth on the tools.

Using Cotton Swabs to Correct Wet Nail Polish

This is a common mistake that many people make. Cotton swabs can only be used effectively when the nail polish is still wet, as using them on dry polish can ruin the nail’s finish. Nail care experts suggest waiting for the polish to dry and then using a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover for a cleaner and more effective correction.

Shaking Nail Polish Bottles Before Use

Shaking a nail polish bottle introduces air into the formula, creating small bubbles when applying the polish to the nails. This diminishes the overall aesthetic appeal. Instead, professionals recommend gently rolling the polish bottle between your hands to evenly distribute the color onto the brush, avoiding the introduction of air.

Finding a Reputable Nail Salon for Your Hand Care Needs

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